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The sweetest feeling is the reconnection of a lost friend.

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Rock Balancing
First I booked a "read a story" session. I booked it for later in the day so I could make it a "bedtime story." It was relaxing and I'm pretty sure I nodded off a couple of times. I found it was a comfortable experience, so I conjured up the courage to book an actual cuddle session.

On the drive over, I got into my head a lot because of all the personal things going on in my life, so I was already crying when I showed up.
He offered a stand up hug and a cloth hanky, and I accepted. The tight and warm hug calmed my nerves a little. He offered many ways to start, standing, sitting, lying down. I figured I was there for cuddling, so why not just go for a spoon? I was worried that it would be, well, you know, but it wasn't. He was completely appropriate and wrapped his arms around my arms like I was wrapped in a burrito.
I didn't know if I should talk or not, so I was quiet at first, but then it all came out. He listened and did a little talking, but it was mostly me. It was therapeutic without the pressure of being judged. I'll definitely do it again, it was a safe and secure experience.


May, 2023
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