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Welcome To Huggun, LLC

A "Work/Place" office space that offers private deep listening service.

The Huggun, LLC office is in a Work/Place ( co-working space, Work/Place is a company that provides office space to small business in the area. As a benefactor of Work/Place my clients and I have access to kitchenettes, microwaves, sinks, dishes, and an onsite manger during normal business hours.


If you have chosen an intimate listening service please be freshly showered and wearing comfortable clothes.


There are private changing areas if you prefer to bring comfortable clothes to change into.


When you come for your appointment you will be met by the desk of the onsite manager and guided back to the Huggun office.


Once inside the door will remain open until you are comfortable to close it and start the session.

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What if you change your mind?

You control this interaction, you decide every step. I will ask for your consent before taking any action, I will ask about comfort often. Anything besides a positive response will end the session. At any time you can say"no".  The ability to say "no" is the key to being close to anybody. 

Agree to speak up about boundaries

° If I, The Cuddlist, am uncomfortable with anything during our session I will communicate and adjust to come back to comfort.

° I will only engage in ways that I am wholeheartedly happy with.

° I need you to promise to notice your own boundaries and discomfort and try to communicate and adjust during our session if anything feels less than comfortable to you.

° I need you to only engage in ways that you are wholeheartedly happy with.

° Each session will begin with speaking our own words of commitment to each other, promising that we will listen to our own boundaries, respect them and communicate them.

Our Services

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