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Pending Cuddlist Certification

A Cuddlist trained practitioner is a professional service provider who works with clients to provide the benefits of healthy human connection (including nurturing touch) using the Cuddlist protocol. (

James City County Resource Parent

I have an adopted daughter, in order to become a foster parent I needed to go through months of training. I was tested in my ability to cope with any situation a potential child would face. My demeanor, lifestyle, and temperament make me especially skilled in helping children who have faced abuse. I know that sitting near someone can be just as much of a cuddle as a hug. I've spent hours just sitting, ready to listen, ready to hug, ready to love. While this certifications has lapsed because I am not activity looking for a foster child I am certain that I could re-qualify to be a foster parent at any time. 

Retired Army

Held a Secret clearance for over 20 years. Anything you say to me will not be repeated to anyone else.


BS Physics (2015) 

Current Grad Student ODU - Aerospace Engineering

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