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120min Deep Listening H/noH

Hug or No Hug spend two hours enjoying intimate, deep listening

  • 2 hr
  • 160 US dollars

Service Description

Intimate deep listening services offer a comfortable and safe experience for anyone looking for a connection, with or without physical touch. If touch is desired Huggun, LLC specializes in providing a gentle touch that can reduce stress, heal emotional wounds, and bring joy and relaxation. Each session is tailored to your individual needs and can include: talking face to face, laying arm in arm in silence, touch finger tip to finger tip, touch forehead to forehead, energy flow poses, and chakra massage. When you find yourself lacking physical touch you may seek out distractions that are not healthy. Talking through those distractions with someone that will hear your every emotion shows you where you are hurting yourself. When you can't find the human contact you seek you will do whatever you can to numb that pain. We all get addicted to the feelings we live in our lives. It is too easy to get addicted to the numb of the pain. Without finding the connection that is found through touch you can't help but feel deep loneliness. Even when you are by yourself there are ways of connecting physically. Learn to connect with yourself beyond a self hug. The more you hide from the pain of losing close physical contact the further you slide into depression. Depression is so often diagnosed by the symptoms, anyone who doesn't feel those symptoms has someone to talk about those symptoms to. No problem can't be helped with listening and hugs. When it has been too long since you have touched a willing partner you find out that there is a word that is worse than alone. Alone means someone cares. Feeling heard is the only way to feeling okay about touching another. The intimacy of deep listening goes beyond a childhood secret. A deep listener hears the pain of your frustrations. A deep listener screams along with your aggravations and breathes the silent cold pain of loss with you. A deep listener will walk all the way to the edge of your fears and just be eyes. A deep listener inspires your greatest dreams, and finds diamonds in any part of you that is rough. Deep listening can help you feel best about helping others.

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